Unity3D is a powerful cross-platform 3D engine and a user-friendly development environment. The Unity3D is a complete 3D environment, suitable for laying out levels, creating menus, doing animation, writing scripts, and organising projects. The user interface is well organised, and the panels can be fully customised by dragging and dropping. Easy enough for the beginner and powerful enough for the expert.

Your First Unity 3D Game

Importing The Assets


Build your first high-quality 3D and 2D game, deploy them across mobile, desktop, VR/AR or consoles with Unity3D.

Importing content is a much less technical and involved process than preparing and exporting your assets.

Games heavily use 3D and 2D animations for models and sprites. The main difference between a video game and a 3D animated film, for instance, is that a video game must be adaptable to a wide variety of inputs and conditions.

Materials / Textures and Lights

Game Mechanics and UI

Virtual Reality

Every game contains a variety of different surfaces: wood, metal, rubber, plastics, holograms, shiny alien artefacts, and so on. To achieve a different look and feel of each kind of material we can use Unity to create all these materials.

User interfaces are core features in just about every modern software application. Games are no exception to this rule. The vast majority of games utilises some form of UI to display information such as health, skills, maps, ammo for a weapon, and more.

Create interactive Virtual / Augmented Reality experiences for iOS and Android using Unity3D.

Live Online (remote) course date 

20/01/2020 - 23/01/2020

24/02/2020 - 27/02/2020

Course duration

Course levels

Live Online Training




4 Days

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  • Advanced Courses

  • Bespoke Courses

As a workforce is divided around the globe, Live Online training acts a crucial part in managing different offices and providing the same training course remotely to all.

  • Client-site

  • Online

  • London

    20/01/2020 - 23/01/2020
    24/02/2020 - 27/02/2020
    23/03/2020 - 26/03/2020

When it comes to the software you use, we`re saying that you don’t need to change your process to fit a tool, instead you need a tool that fits your process. Any particular tools can be adapted for your unique workflow, In STUDIO KIBITZ GROUP, you can create/adjust your own unique process workflow and benefit significantly from it. 

Bespoke Courses

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STUDIO KIBITZ GROUP is a creative studio that brings together a team of professionals in CGI arts, who will apply their knowledge, creative potential and latest technology to help you understand the process of developing video games, animation, virtual reality, special effects, and commercials, whilst using the most advanced tools and software.


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