Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a software application for creating motion graphics and special effects used in the video, online content and presentations. Adobe After Effects CC is the industry standard software for visual effects and motion graphics. After Effects is a specialised program and is primarily used by video editors, artists, graphic designers, social media and digital media designers, video producers, motion graphics designers and animators. Gaining proficiency in this program comes from in-depth training and hands-on use.

Preparing Footage



To reduce rendering time and increase performance, it is often best to prepare footage before you import it into After Effects

A proper composition setup makes building your project more manageable and can help you maintain a clean/efficient workspace.

Learn how to create a 2D and 3D animation, fine-tune its movements, import assets from other solutions publish to a variety of formats.

Motion Graphics

Keying Green Screen

3D Model Composition

Set anything in motion—from logos to shapes to cartoons—with keyframes or expressions

Learn how to get quick keying results from compressed or badly shot green-screen footage with After Effects.

Creating a 3D model and composite it into background footage

Live Online (remote) course date 

20/01/2020 - 23/01/2020

24/02/2020 - 27/02/2020

Course duration

Course levels

Live Online Training




4 Days

  • Introductory Courses

  • Intermediate Courses

  • Advanced Courses

  • Bespoke Courses

As a workforce is divided around the globe, Live Online training acts a crucial part in managing different offices and providing the same training course remotely to all.

  • Client-site

  • Online

  • London

    20/01/2020 - 23/01/2020
    24/02/2020 - 27/02/2020
    23/03/2020 - 26/03/2020

When it comes to the software you use, we`re saying that you don’t need to change your process to fit a tool, instead you need a tool that fits your process. Any particular tools can be adapted for your unique workflow, In STUDIO KIBITZ GROUP, you can create/adjust your own unique process workflow and benefit significantly from it. 

Bespoke Courses

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