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Engineering, architecture, design these are the word what you hear very often, or we can say what you have used to hear before BIM. Building information modelling has changed all. It changed the way we produce drawings, the way we collaborate and the way we execute projects. 2D drawings have been turned in to information-rich 3D models where you can combine architecture, structure and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) in one same BIM model on which multiple teams can work on, and this does not stop there. Photorealistic visualisations, walkthrough animation and even virtual reality, play a critical role in the execution of the project.

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STUDIO KIBITZ GROUP is a creative studio that brings together a team of professionals in CGI arts, who will apply their knowledge, creative potential and latest technology to help you understand the process of developing video games, animation, virtual reality, special effects, and commercials, whilst using the most advanced tools and software.


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