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STUDIO KIBITZ GROUP Consulting is composed of digital advisors and consultants.  Their job is to help enterprises implement and adopt software, services, software and devices to solve, envision and understand new possibilities for your business.

STUDIO KIBITZ GROUP Consulting are project-based engagements to provide services related to planning, implementing, and adopting the solutions that accelerate the value customers derive from their investments. These engagements cover services, based on Autodesk, Adobe, Unity3D, Unreal Engine, V-Ray software and technologies, across digital strategy, planning, 3d modelling, animation, VFX, architecture and BIM insight solutions.



Envision your roadmap. Strategic advice from consulting to detailed design 


Remove the technological barriers that frustrate you and keep you from bidding on projects. 


Level up your creative pipeline with Shotgun. See how Shotgun can empower your artists, sync your team, and track all your data so you can make your next game an even bigger hit.


Keep your artists focused on creating and iterating, not on business routines.


Level up your creative pipeline. Empower your artists, sync your team, and track all your data so you can make your next project an even bigger hit.


Get new skills. Develop talent than can turn IT advantages into business wins.

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STUDIO KIBITZ GROUP is a creative studio that brings together a team of professionals in CGI arts, who will apply their knowledge, creative potential and latest technology to help you understand the process of developing video games, animation, virtual reality, special effects, and commercials, whilst using the most advanced tools and software.


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