STUDIO KIBITZ GROUP is an international company that provides training and consulting – all under one roof. All our instructors are certified by software providers and, having worked in this industry, they are well qualified to bring a unique training experience and consultancy for any project you may have.

The critical success for a business is to save time, money and make sure that people know how to accomplish every task they receive or achieve every goal. It often occurs that new workflows are required, and a solution needs to be found within days. The process can be frustrating and very time consuming, as we know. These days, it is not enough to have knowledge of a single software, as every project requires a solution involving many different types of software and, on top of that, deadlines are tight, and the competition is around the corner.    
When it comes to the software you use, you shouldn’t have to change your process to fit a tool, but instead you need a tool that will fit your process. Any particular tools can be adapted for your unique workflow. In STUDIO KIBITZ GROUP, you can create/adjust your own unique process workflow and benefit from it significantly. 

The majority of our courses are delivered at the client’s location for a variety of reasons. This is a cost-effective solution and a timesaver as it prevents additional expenses, such as travel and accommodation. Therefore, we offer bespoke courses for our clients to develop training solutions based on their requirements enabling their employees to work on tasks identical to their project. 

As the workforce is distributed around the globe, Live-Online training plays a crucial part in managing different offices and providing the same training course remotely to all. Classroom training can now be combined with Live-Online, so people from the same company get the same training. Alternatively, if only one person needs to be trained, Live-Online training is the best solution for doing so. Live-Online classes are conducted by certified and experienced instructors who deliver compelling learning during conveniently scheduled class times.


The big part of our success is our approach and the way we operate. Our unique workflows and learning paths help our customers to decide or adjust their career path. Over the past year while working with different companies, we have developed all this knowledge to provide bespoke solutions for everyone.  

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STUDIO KIBITZ GROUP is a creative studio that brings together a team of professionals in CGI arts, who will apply their knowledge, creative potential and latest technology to help you understand the process of developing video games, animation, virtual reality, special effects, and commercials, whilst using the most advanced tools and software.


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